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I would like to do a question. If I write a 500-word text and someone re-write it to do a different text... How many words are allowed to consider the second text a different one?

Because when I compared a text written for me on Copyscape the result was: "This page has 45 words matching your text". That can be considered a different text or is considered as a copy?...
Thanks in advance for your answered!!

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Maybe its considered as a copy,i also met the thing.

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This is really a tricky thing. I fear CopyScape would not be able to track whether a content is copied from another sources or not if the sequence is jumbled up caring a fig for the artistic value of the content.


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Originally Posted by yupina
How many words are allowed to consider the second text a different one?

That is up to you to judge. Copyscape finds documents which appear to have long strings of the same text, but it is up to you to determine whether or not the other document constitutes a "copy" of (or a "derivative work" based upon) your content.

For instance, in one of my copyrighted algebra lessons, I include a word-problem poem. Many people have discussed this poem (in its various forms) and have provided hints, helps, and solutions for the contained exercise.

Copyscape, quite reasonably, therefore views many other pages as being possible copies of my page. But that is only because we all quoted the same poem. The actual teaching portion of each lesson is quite different.

So that would be a case in which "forty-five words or more" would not constitute a "copy". You'll need to judge your results for yourself.

Best wishes!

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