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Hi everyone

I'm the latest victim of blatant plagiarism and would like to share some steps you can take when you find that someone has stolen your work.

1. Don't bother contacting the perpetrator - he doesn't deserve a chance.

2. If the site is on blogspot, click the FLAG button.

3. If the site is hosted elsewhere, notify the webhost.
Go here to check who the webhost is:

3. Send a complaint to saying that someone is using your work to earn adsense revenue thereby violating terms of service.

4. Inform all the advertisers on the site.

5. Notify Feedburner - log in and click on "Contact Us"

6. If the perpetrator is US based, send a DMCA complaint:

I Hate Content Thieves!

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Emigre, thank you for taking the time to list these steps. I googled my name (I am the designer for my products) only to find some false site listings that use my quotes and then redirect to a competitors website! Thanks again. . .

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If I can add to your suggestions, has a section on piracy and infringement I found useful both for the sample letters and also for the list of countries that didn't sign the Berne Convention on Copyright. Hopefully this info will help others who aren't sure where to start when fighting these online thieves.

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What to do when the thieves are the bigger ones.. like or I am getting real tired of these bigger ones destroying little sites. They simply copy everything. Those DMCA complains dont always work.
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