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Two websites, one located in Russia and the other in China have plagiarized parts our Copyrighted text from our domain URLS.  Contacting the owners is out of the question as this Copyright violation was intentional and the Infringers are financially befitting from the Infringement.  The Infringers, Hosts and Domain registrars are all outside of the US and EEC so there is no chance to seek legal action.


The above situation is affecting our rankings and our credibility with clients. 


We are preparing to file an Infringement Notification with Google and to support our case we have prepared an 11 page word document with tables which include:


a.)        Infringing URLs (there a combined total of 30 Infringing URLS).

b.)        Copyrighted URLs

c.)        Text plagiarized per URL (copied and pasted the text detected by Copyscape).


Which of the information below should we include with the Infringement Notification Letter:


Support Materials: Cached Google Pages and Reports.


1.)        Cached Google pages of the Infringing URLs.

2.)        Cached Google pages of our Copyrighted URLs.

3.)        Copyscape reports of Copyrighted text on Infringers URLs.

4.)        Copyscape reports of Infringers text on Copyrighted URLs.


Historical Information: links and Domain Registration Dates.


5.)        Links to each Copyrighted URLs as stored in to claim precedence.

6.)        Links to Infringers URLs as stored after the date above in

7.)        Details of Copyright domain original registration date and details.

8.)        Details of the Infringing domain original registration date and details.


We are willing to provide as much support material as is necessary to support our case.  At the same time we do not wish to overwhelm a Google Representative with more information than required.


It would be great to receive some feedback as to what information we should include in the Infringement Notification or any other tips.


Many thanks.


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Originally Posted by CCP
Which of the information below should we include...?

I believe one usually provides to Google what Google requests be included in DMCA and AdSense DMCA notices. I could be wrong, of course....


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