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I am a premium user of copyscape so yep it sucks that they are down but you can still check your articles for plagerism. Use It's free to use and checks through google.

It may not be as good as copyscape, I havent compared them but it is another option for you to use.

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Thanks Bren. I tried them, and it appears they are nowhere near as good as Copyscape. I tried just putting in copied text from the web, and it definitely showed up as copied. Then I checked my original text, and it showed no results. Then I used my original text with one paragraph of copied text and it still showed no results - when there was most definitely text in there that should have showed up as copied. I think it would only show up if most of the text of the article was plagerized. So it depends on what you are looking for. I'm particular and don't even want a phrase of text to be copied from somewhere else, which can happen on re-writes. So again, it depends on what you are looking for. Someone could plagerize a whole paragraph in a 300 word article and it wouldn't show up on articlechecker. com. So there you go. We need Copyscape!!

Mary Chris

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Thanks for that. I guess I will be waiting for Copyscape to get  up and running again. Not sure what the hold up is but Google is losing points with me on this one. Maybe I'll start using Yahoo as my search engine.

Thanks again,
Have a good one.

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Thanks for doing such a complete check of  I was tempted to use it but will now just wait for Copyscape.  Glad I didn't have to go through all the work of checking too.
Happy writing
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