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Which option is better to use? The url of the text input?

I have 2 sites (No excuse! i REALLY have two sites about camping places!) and in the past, i used the same database (and context)  for both sites.  Only the ways it is showed and the website 'feeling' is different.
Now the Google Panda update is coming in my country (Netherlands)   i did write a second context by rewriting the first. I seemed to do well because when i type in the url of  one web page  i see no results.

But when i use the text option (input text) i sometimes see still pieces of similar text. So it seems to be plagiarism. But its is not. Its a copied and then  rewritten page of myself! But its all about the same camping place so there are similar facilities and things like that.

The question is:
But it seems that the text input does look better. Or is it so that when the url input says there is no plagiarism, i don't have to look further with text input?  In other words, they are different enough to call it no plagiarism?

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