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Last night I paid for 200 searches on Copyscape (at five cents each). However, I'm disappointed because the Premium Copyscape doesn't use the same type of  screen shot for a Copyscape search that Writer's Domain uses for its content writers to to catch plagiarizing. Do you  have to pay more for this?

I want to be totally sure that I'm not guilty of what's called "patchwork plagiarism." After I had written almost 300 articles, I had an article flagged for patchwork plagiarism. I certainly didn't intend this. Right now I'm studying how to paraphrase so this won't happen again. Again, how is it that Writer's Domain has a screen shot for a Copyscape search, but the Premium version does not. In fact, I used the same article I submitted (that was said to be plagiarized) and Copyscape came up with no plagiarism.

Thanks for any help.
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