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Unfortunately, I have been the victim of plagiarism of the content of my business website many many times but never have I come across a situation like this.

Someone has taken some content from my website, not the odd paragraph but the content of a whole page. Copyscape alerted me to this so I sent my standard "cease and desist" notice. I didn't get a formal response as such just a few phonecalls in the middle of the night and a rather abusive response on my website contact form where the person involved told me that when he found me he was "going to rip my *****ing face apart". Nice.

I kind of thought that from that particular reply he wasn't going to comply at all.

I then thought well i'll speak to the local Police department (who are interesting in taking up the case) but we can't do anything until I come back from holiday. They suggested maybe speaking to his webhost, so I did and sent an "abuse" notice, but that didn't work because the guy who owns the web host is a friend of the guy who has sold me text, so basically he told me to "***k off" as well.

So, I went to the network provider, EGS Hosting as I guess that they are the ultimate file holder and they may ultimately prove to be liable if they do not show dilligence....but the last reply from them stated that "we do not want to get into a legal discussion with you, we have forwarded your complaint to the customer" - fat lot of good that's going to do!

So it appears that I have been brick-walled at every step of this and i'm quite annoyed by the whole thing. If I go down the Police route (not for the plagiarism but for the threats) then it could prove costly, but for the plagiarism I feel absolutely alone, no-one appears to be interested in a takedown.

What can be done?

I am based in the UK therefore DMCA doesn't exist here (well, we do have an act but I can't find any information on it anywhere), but the server is based in the US, would it come under US law?

Any help offered would be VERY much appreciated.
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