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Hi Guys,
I'm probably asking the most obvious of questions, I had a look around the forum but couldn't find anything,
I use copy sentry to track all the articles I have submitted to directories, today I find that a handful of my articles have been copied over 3 different sites, the content is the same, even the anchor text used, all they did was change the link.
Am I flogging a dead horse or is there anything I can do?
Help needed and greatly appreciated


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Luckily google detects copied text. Perhaps you should speak with the webmaster of the site

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I would rather suggest you not to take any extreme step for the time being. You should send an email notifying your grievance and wait for an answer. If he still ignore, you can opt for a legal action.


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Plagiarisers know what they are doing. Asking a lazy thief please to be nice does not generally lead to the desired outcome.

Instead, send a DMCA notice to the infringer's web host.

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