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Hello Copyscape forum,

I wanted to know how much paraphrasing is allowed. Basically, Copyscape
found a site that ripped off my content. When I went to the site, I found that two paragraphs were copied almost exactly from my site, while another page was paraphrased from another one of my pages. It looks like these folks made some effort to change this part of the content so that it wouldn't all be exact copying.

The question is, can I ask them to take down the paraphrased content as well as the unchanged stuff?



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Paraphrasing is a problem, and makes your work much harder. If there are two paragraphs which are directly taken from your work, this makes your task marginally easier with regard to the plagiarism.

For right now, contact the plagiariser's host with the usual DMCA take-down information. When you point out the contact "claimed to be an infringement", point out the direct-quote paragraphs, calling them direct quotes, and point out the reworked paragraphs, calling them derivative works.

In general, I don't know that there is any algorithm or rule for how much reworking is necessary before the new work is (legally) regarded as not being derivative. It's frustrating, I realize, but if the plagiarizer goes to the effort of rewording your article, then you are in the position of the high-school English teacher, being pretty damned sure that the jerk copied, but being hard-pressed to prove it to the satisfaction of others.

I once found an educational site which had posted a long list of math lessons, each of which was clearly derivative of mine, with similar off-hand comments, identical organization, the same methods and explanations, and my hand-drawn graphics. I had to make my take-down case on the basis of the graphics, because only a fellow "math geek" would have been aware of the obviousness of the copying and reworking. Oh, well.

My best wishes to you!


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Thanks... very helpful.

That's quite a story with the math lessons! I hope you triumphed in the end, or at least exacted some sort of mathematical revenge

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