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I've been using Copyscape for awhile and it works really well. I recently switched my site over to https (SSL) and ever since I'm getting:

Error: cURL could not retrieve the document, error 35. - please ensure you entered the URL correctly

Any ideas on how to make this work on SSL? The site is

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Hi waylaydesign,

I´m very interested if you have fixed this issue because I´m also working over SSL.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Hostelarium,

Technically I did fix the issue which really wasn't a fix at all. The issue was that I was using the CloudFlare SSL and they claimed that Copyscape was using an older version of cURL which was not compatible with their Universal SSL or something along those lines.

They basically said that Copyscape would have to update their version of cURL to work with Cloudflare. Obviously that wasn't going to happen.

I ended up purchasing an SSL through GoDaddy and was able to install that and monitoring has been working ever since. We're still using Copyscape without issue.

Hope that helps!
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