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what's up?

i'm as much against plagiarism as much as any bloke, but i just feel compelled to have this question answered: Why is it that you refer to plagiarizing as "stealing"? nothing has been actually taken; you still have your work. the value of the work is even unchanged,unless, through the free distribution which you have received, the work has become notabe and, as such, MORE valuable.


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Most people who take content from others have not given credit where credit is due. Other times people steal content without paying for it. In my case I write for large companies most of the time when I do samples, they are for other jobs, but when that person steals content and does not pay for it, it really makes me MAD.

If you intend on using content all we ask as writers is give us credit or don't take it.

If it's not broken, let's take it apart.
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