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My website name describes what I sell really well.  I have worked hard and I'm now on page 1 of google for several search phrases and sales have picked up.

Last week my main competitor changed thier main page title meta tag and description - before they had the name of their website and now they have changed it to include part of the name of my website

This week they have added another heading in the front page of their website and it is exactly the title of my website!!  When you click on this they have written a lot of blurb which constantly says the name of my website in it! 

I think they see me as a threat as I am climbing up google slowly but surely.

I am really brassed off about this.  Can I trademark my name and put a stop to this?  Or I was thinking could I add a catefory to my website which has the title of their website and say "it has come to our attention that xxxxxxxx has added a new category to their website namely xxxxxxx.  This has caused confusion to some of our customers and we would therefore like to point out that we are in no way connected with xxxxxx"

When you search for my website now an extra page comes up in the search results which refers to my website name but is actually my competitors.

What can I do


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I dont think a trademark would work

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You have not mentioned whether you have the trademark of that product or service that you are selling or not. If you are in the business in some general product or service, you cannot restrict anyone from selling the same product or service online.

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