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For the last couple of days, copyscape seems to be very slow to load. When it does load, any articles that are original pass copyscape fine. But ones that aren't original and trigger off copyscape - there is a problem. When it shows the "compare text" to see what parts of your article are matching something else out there on the net, the page goes blank.
I've tried this on a couple of computers as i have employees working for me in a different country. It's the same on both our computers. Then i saw this on the bottom right of the copyscape screen and it made me wonder:

"For your privacy and security, Copyscape Premium text searches cannot be shared online.                                
You may still share the results of the comparison page that appears after clicking 'Compare Text'."

What does this mean? Is it saying that i can't give someone else my password and username and do searches for me?? Surely this can't be the case as people can't be expected to do all their searches on the one computer.

Is anyone else having this problem or can copyscape staff help me?

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As I am not a paid subscriber of Copyscape, I have not faced this issue. However, if you have faced, you should try to contact them to bring it under their notice. 
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