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Lately the results copyscape premium is delivering are useless. In one instance on of our writers took content from ezine and copied it verbatim and submitted it as original content. Despite the fact that it was blatantly copied copyscape says 0 matches.

This now has happened many times and it seems that it started happening after you made changes to your algorithm. I can provide you with the link to the ezine article and the copied content our writer submitted. Every time you run copyscape, the result is 0 matches even thought the articles are almost identical. I didn't post the links here as I do not want to put that content up in a public forum. let me know where i can post the details privately.

Any response would be helpful as this is very damaging

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I've seen the same thing today, as I was verifying a number of articles I have had in a "pending" file for some time, some of which I knew I had published, but a few, no. I found 6 articles which had already been published on, but Copyscape detected only two of them, even though I dropped over 400 words into the search box.

If this is a result of your new algo, you might want to consider rolling back to the old one 'til you get it working. I doubt I'm the only agency owner that will lose confidence in your service with stats like this.


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I am having the exact same issues on It tells me content is clean and I check it through other plag. checkers and it shows it's on my other sites. How can we trust this anymore?
Dennis Sons
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