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I recently requested a writer to write me an article. She sent over a MS Word file. The file looked suspicious. I copied & pasted the text on Copyscape Premium to run a check. It passed the plagiarism checker. I still find something is not right with the file. The spellings are all correct and has no red underline. I then ran a spell-check and it turned out every single word has a red underline but the spelling is correct. Very wrong here.

So instead of copy & paste the text, I manually retyped the whole article and pasted it on Copyscape Premium again. I was shocked that 70% of the article was copied from other articles on the internet.

The amazing thing is I copied the text from the MS Word file and pasted it on a Notepad thinking this will remove all formatting and run a check again. It also passed Copyscape.Do you know how did the writer manage to lock text format and to pass Copyscape?

I ran another unrelated test. I copied pasted text from this link . I ran a check on Copyscape and it shows 'No Result'. How reliable is Copyscape?

I am new to Copyscape. Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Did you receive any help? [smile] 




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I've had this issue a few times too.

However, it's not too bad. They tend to catch ALMOST everything.

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