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I  run a travel website that ranks high in Google. After coming across some plagiarised content I started using Copyscape and found more than 130 web sites had plagiarized my content. They ranged from commercial holiday travel websites to amateur travel blogs and ezine articles.  The duplicate content was affecting my placement in search engine with subsequent loss of earnings from advertising revenue. Using Copyscape to track these website owners down I posted off emails warning of legal action. To date I've had 99% success in getting this duplicate material removed. This is what I did.

1. Created an official looking email account - mine was
2. Posted off the following email. Please use it as a template for your own

Subject:  Letter before action: You are in breach of copyright law.

Message: We serve notice that the following extract(s) on your web page at 
is/are in breach of copyright held by the owners of MYSITE name.
" - - - Quote the plagiarized material highlighted in Copyscape here - - - "

This material has been copied from http://www.mysite/mypages.htm without approval or permission.
You can compare the date stamp of the original articles on with the dates stamp on your own page(s).

Your page(s) has/have XXX words in breach of copyright. This material is duplicate content that is damaging the placement of MYSITE in search engines with consequent loss of income from advertising revenue. If the offending material is not removed, MYSITE will seek damages for that lost income.
Please remove all the material that infringes the copyright of MYSITE.
 We have a good faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above on the allegedly infringing web pages is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent or the law. We  swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that we are the copyright owner or are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.
 This is a 'cease and desist' notice. Please remove the duplicate material from the above page(s) immediately and without prejudice. 

A most effective technique is to threaten to inform any advertisers or trade organisations that feature on the page. If I find, say Google Adsense or a trade logo I inserted the following warning into the cease and desist notice

Please note that  it is our policy to contact - - put advertiser name / trade logo organization here - -  about pages carrying plagiarized material and you may wish to make representations about any request to prevent you carrying advertising/trade logos on those pages that are subject to legal action for financial damages over breaches in copyright.


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I assume you stay in European territory and there the copyright act must be stringent enough to punish the offender but here in India if we are to file a legal suit the verdict might take a lot of time. Alright but what if they counter allegate saying that you have copied the content because when I checked the website it was not saying copied content.

Jenish Shah

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Going to court over website plagiarism in the UK in expensive, difficult and frankly not worth it. But I found that the threat of legal action has been enough to prompt a quick response.
Many site owners do not know they have other people's content. They have farmed the website design out to third party companies that have lifted the material because they are too lazy or to ignorant to write their own copy. I have found in general that site owners will remove material once they have been told about it.
The legal threat is for those that don't and I've had some success with it. There is little you can do about those that brazen it out except complain to any advertisers, trade organisations, hosting companies etc. Court action is not an option unless you have a lot of time and money.


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The easiest and most effective method that I've discovered to deal with this problems is to just simply do a Google Spam Report on them for duplicate content.

Google does not look at this lightly!

If Copyright Thieves Steal Your Words, Then Report Them to Google Spam. It Works!

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I love the start of this topic and have some success with a similar email to the first post, ( So much so, (I aasume as a result of my copyright notice ) that the offending website could not rank for their own content and went bust )

I also reported the website to google, for spam / duplicate content, ( tip, but also if you delve deeper you may well find they are in breach of Gooles terms in other areas, if they cannot be bothered to write their own content, they may not bother to obey other rules ).

However, recently I found a website has copied my content, my keywords, the sites I have links from, the category headings, in fact the list is endless. I fired a copyright email off to them, reported them to google, however google took no notice.

Basically they have used my content as a ladder but have changed it enough now to pass as their own content.

Anyone got any ideas on this?

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