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if i want to compare 2 different sites for unique content how i can do this
please give me link.


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Although we don't currently offer the ability of comparing two websites against one-another website, as we are in the midst of revamping and redesigning our suite of products, we will bring your request/suggestion to the attention of our software engineers for consideration and possible future development and implementation.

If on the other hand you are simply interested in checking two different websites for uniqueness against the Internet, then as we see you have already signed up for a Copyscape Premium account, after purchasing some search credits, you could use our Batch Search utility which enables you to check up to 10,000 web-pages at a time. Once you have set this up to check the necessary pages of both websites, it can be run manually at a frequency of your choosing. You can also look up previous results and compare them. We have also recently added the ability to export your Batch Results to a CSV file, enabling you to quickly and easily manipulate the data and pinpoint the most relevant information.

For more information about Copyscape Premium, please see:

You may also find the Brochure helpful:

- Darren

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Thanks for the info Team
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