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Copyscape works on Google. They have created some content finder algorithm just like Google.
And whenever we search something, it just scan and shows the results.

Tech Busy

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I'm also interested in precisely what CopyScape will pick up.

I make money by writing and, as of recently, re-writing stuff. Perhaps I should just get a better-paid job (I'm a teacher) but I think that's for another thread in another forum.

I re-wrote an article moments ago. When I had copied 175 words in groups of no more than three, it showed up as copied, but after getting the thesaurus out and changing a few, it no longer shows up and I WILL GET PAID.

So CopyScape will ignore a little copying, and quite right, too. As has been said elsewhere, some phrases are common, e.g. "what's the story", "where to go" and "to the club".

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