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I'm post this message as I'm looking for help/advice on what I should do.

The other day I noticed that the PR on my site had been grayed out, it was PR4.

I checked some other pages on my site and some of them still have PR3 and PR2.

After doing a search I see that google still has my site indexed but not the home page :?

Now I'm trying to figure out why google has done this, nothing wrong inside googles "webmaster tools".

Reading some related posts one person talked about google de-indexing because of duplicate content, now I'm not talking about an article, but duplicating the whole web page.

My home page is the landing page for my Clickbank product, now I was aware that affiliates had used content and images, but after doing some more research today there are several sites that are just duplicating my entire home page, some of them are altering the headline.

They have even taken the whole source code, edited all the file links so it has my absolute/full url (if you know what I mean) so it's pulled all the files from my hosting, then used an i-f-r-a-m-e pixel code to the end so the clickbank cookie get installed.

Here are just a couple of sites that are doing this:

Any help/advice is much appreciated.

Do you also think this would cause my home page to get de-indexed?


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I also have the same question.

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Hi K,
Well about 2 or 3 weeks after posting this message my homepage finally got re-indexed.

I had one person remove all the content from there site, I also noticed that I confused google on the location of my homepage.

So in google eyes I had 4 different sites.

I also contacted google via the reconsideration page.

But I still have no idea why happened or what fixed the problem.

I also lost all my keyword phrase rankings.

Good luck,

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