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a form of plagiarism?

If I don't like to constantly return to a site, I might as well save it for speed and to save bandwidth.

Is this plagiarism?


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Unless the copied text is used somewhere (such as being incorporated into an essay or posted to another site), I don't think the activity would constitute plagiarism.

However, the content is (likely) copyrighted, which means the owner has the right to decide what copies can be made. This right is why you often see notices over copy machines noting that caution should be exercised when making copies of pages of books: just making the copies (instead of borrowing the library book or buying your own copy of the book) may constitute copyright violation.

In addition, the web site may be supported by advertising. For instance, traffic at my own site is sufficiently high that I have had to contract for a dedicated server which costs hundreds of dollars a month. An offline copy of my site undermines my ability to continue to provide the content as "free access" to others. As a result of this (and some other issues), the usage terms for my site include the stipulation that the content is not to be scraped. So your downloading of the site (besides adding a burden to the host server) may constitute a violation of the usage terms.

It would likely be better to visit the site frequently, or investigate whether the owner has made an offline version available for a small fee.


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Thanks! Very informative!

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Well if you copy a small excerpt from the site then it will not be a problem but copying the complete content is a form of plagiarism.
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