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I wonder if someone can help / explain please?

One of my team of copy writers checked all her copy using the Pro search and 0 results came up.

I then also run the same searches on the copy, and came up with lots of matching results (ie duplicated content).

How can the same search bring up two different results please?

Both myself and my writer are in the UK, so are both using the same versions of Copyscape.

Any ideas please?


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Without knowing the specifics of the situation, it is hard to say.

Since you're both in the same region, geographical considerations shouldn't have come into play, at least not much. (Google will sometimes segregate results according to location, if known, so, for instance, someone searching in the UK from a *.uk domain might see different results from someone in Canada searching from a *.ca domain.)

How much time elapsed between the two checks? If an article was sold or otherwise distributed widely recently, perhaps the content hadn't yet been added to the Google archive on the first check, but had been added before the second check.

Google also updates its search algorithm from time to time, and tweaks it constantly. This results in different "hits" when one searches, with new content being added and "bad" content (like fraudulent sites or scraped sites) being de-listed. Was there perhaps enough time between the searches that your "results" might have been added to the index?

There's always the human component: Do you know that she found no matches, or did she say she found no matches? Is there a chance she forgot to check, and didn't figure you'd verify?

There are some sites (such as the ones selling "original content" that's generally been scraped from other, legitimate, sites) which will nearly always crop up in Copyscape searches. If she has her account set to "Ignore" these worthless hits, she might not have seen the results you got. Were any of your matches "good", or did they all appear to be search-engine snippets, directory quotes, or "scrapes"?

Just some ideas; I could be way off base....



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I know this is an old topic but this is the same problem I am having.  I am living in Bangkok and sending articles to a man in the UK.  My articles checked with premium copyscape say there are no matching results yet when he checks them his premium copyscape shows results.  I really need help with this as I have been asked to perform ten rewrites, and 5000 words is a lot to rewrite when I don't know which sections appear in copyscape.  Can anyone help?
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