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Hi-- Wondering if anyone else is having this problem. Ran some articles through Copyscape that someone had written for me, with no results- yet when run through Copyscape by another person there were duplicates in lengthy product names and addresses? 

How is it possible for us to get different results? We are both using Copyscape Premium.

Have sent feedback to Copyscape with no response yet.  Any ideas? 


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Yeah! I've been having the same issue lately. A couple of the articles written by my team when checked by me came out clear. When checked later by the editor, it came up with few phrases as copied.

How is this possible?


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Hi-- I'm still waiting for response from Copyscape, but I did some snooping around on the site yesterday and found what I think was the problem. 

Under Copyscape Premium, go to the USER SETTINGS tab--at the bottom where it says MATCH SETTINGS:SEARCH INDEX, mine was set to Yahoo. I changed it to Google and re-ran everything and got the correct results. 

Question is, how did it switch to Yahoo?  I certainly would never do that!


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I can understand your problem. This error generally occurs when the article is not published. Some sites want to check their written articles before publishing it. It is showing to the editor through his/her cookies or the site is showing him by the statement as waiting for moderation. Hope this answered your queries.


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This is something unique unless you are using paid version of CopyScape. When I used to check content in the free version, sometimes it passed through despite the fact that the entire content is blatantly copied from a reputed website.

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