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I got the following result from my first search: "The comparison below was created by Copyscape, which checked 611 words of pasted text. The page below has 43 words matching 7% of the text, as highlighted by Copyscape."  
What is the max. percent acceptable with CopyScape.  Where would I find that info?

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Hello Leon,

We simply provide the tools to assist in identifying plagiarism by locating similar content elsewhere on the Internet. We ourselves are not any kind of authority to judge what has or has not been plagiarised, nor are we able to determine whose content was online first. We are also not equipped to enforce another website to remove content they may have plagiarised.

Our software is also not able to discern what actually is a case of plagiarism or just a few coincidental matching words or numbers that may essentially not in fact constitute plagiarism. It is then up to you to look through the results to decide which is which.

Best Regards,

- Darren

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