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I just bought 200 searches for the first time. I have a writer whom I detected copying and I wanted to check it out. But to my shock, Copyscape said it was original! Why? And what's the point of signing up for a premium account when I don't get plagiarized results? It's not an exact copy, but "spun" material.

Here's the URL:

And here's the plagiarized text:

Professional Phone Systems

Small businesses can benefit in unique ways from some of the more advanced feature sets of VoIP and the right setup can make your small business look much bigger and more professional in the eyes of your customers.

Some sophisticated features that can make a small organization appear to be a larger, highly efficient company are:

Auto attendant/ Virtual receptionist

Auto attendant, also sometimes called virtual receptionist, is a basic feature of most high-end VoIP systems. It lets you play recorded messages or specific music for callers on hold and automatically answer all inbound calls to a number and route them based on the caller’s needs. For example, a customer might choose to speak to the sales, billing or customer service department, which in a small company might be performed by the same person or group. The call may end up at the same extension for multiple choices but the caller need not know that. It gives the impression that your organization has more employees than it really does.

Find me, follow me

Small businesses routinely have employees pulling double duty such as one person doing office work for some time and working on a job site on other days. This feature allows employees to receive calls on whichever device is with them at any time, instead of being tied to desk phones.

You can configure a hosted SIP service so that any inbound call will ring a landline first, followed by a mobile device and finally a home phone till the employee answers. Alternatively, an executive may define a location where he or she will be and have the system route the call to that number. With this feature, customers are more likely to reach the person they were trying to call, instead of voicemail making your business appear highly competent.

Unified communications

The basis of unified communication is the convergence of various technologies working together. The same system can handle phone calls, voicemail, fax, email, web conferencing etc and all applications are aware of each other. You can tie collaboration software into your conferencing system so that participants can share files, sync calendars and even see each others’ desktops. If you are in a location where you’re unable to answer a phone call, the system can notify you via IM or email instead.

With most business VoIP calling systems offering such intricate functionality, small businesses can compete on an even footing with much larger corporations to serve customers.
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