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Hi guys, i'm a newbie and i've only just came across Copyscape i felt like a flintstone fresh out of cave. Apologies if this question's been asked, i tried searching for it but found none.

Are these Copyscape banners found on this page for free? I have a website with my own unique content and i'd like to have one of this logo pasted on my page. But, could i use them logos for free as long as my content is my own? Or do i have to pay before using?

thanks so much for clearing my doubts, good monday to all


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I think you cannot use this banner without prior permission from CopyScape. Only CopyScape reserves the right. 

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Yes... these baners are free to use. If you go to the front page of ther site at you will see the statement "Defend your site with a free plagiarism warning banner!" which links to the page of banner choices. At the bottom of the banner page is a notice that you CAN create your own... but the banners offered are free to use "... if your content is your own"

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