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Hi, this also concerns a situation that I would very much like advice on. This relates to the work of a foreign language author from the 19th century whose original text is out of copyright. A translation of that work has been done in 1920 that I believe is also out of copyright. The translated version contains many anachronisms etc and some mistakes and I have created my own version that contains those improvements - simply a more up to date, defect free and readable version of that translation.

I want to prevent other people from simply copying and publishing my version whilst also publishing my version on websites and as ebooks. Can I claim my own copyright on the version that I have created? Is there any criteria for determining whether my version is fit for copyright e.g. how far my work is different or original vis-a-vis another translation?

Any advice would be most appreciated

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which language is the original?

I think you would not have copyrights if you were hired and paid to do th translation by someone who had c-rights. Just a job.
But if you voluntarily translated old manuscript, and there is no owner of that manuscript, or his descendants - it's all yours.

Or claim copyright for the TRANSLATION only and just mention THANK you to the author. Only translation - it's your own talent.   

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