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Need Quick Response monikasmakeoverclinic Copyscape Users 415 0
by monikasmakeoverclinic
Need help please labil777 Copyscape Users 1,110 3
by labil777
Google Notification mveba Copyscape Users 565 0
by mveba
Failed to check duplicate silveraden Copyscape Users 893 3
by silveraden
Linking accounts questions agentfikes Copyscape Users 494 0
by agentfikes
Copyscape not detecting duplicate content bhagwad Copyscape Users 668 0
by bhagwad
How Much to Change to Avoid Duplicate Content lbohen Copyscape Users 777 0
by lbohen
CopyScape's Comparisons iventor Copyscape Users 746 1
by iventor
Private Indexes Currently Broken pwhite Copyscape Users 728 1
by pwhite
Copyscape gives very strange results origen Copyscape Users 638 0
by origen
Will Copyscape mind it or report my website? Webanup Copyscape Users 612 0
by Webanup
Suggestion for batch results interface ggallin Copyscape Users 536 0
by ggallin
Screen Shots for Citing Plagiarism vmkichura Copyscape Users 620 0
by vmkichura
Content placed on a 3rd party website RalphDale Legal Issues 2,248 4
by RalphDale
Which is Primary? jreisen Copyscape Users 779 1
by jreisen
OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY IYER1945 Legal Issues 2,209 6
by IYER1945
percentage of uniqueness of an article steamingmad Copyscape Users 1,061 0
by steamingmad
Could I be charged by those publishing sites as "PLAGIARIST" for duplicating my own works and publishing them to my own blog site? pruelpo Responding to Plagiarism 790 0
by pruelpo
Translation and Copyright question malvaglio Legal Issues 1,360 4
by malvaglio
Percentage of text ep2002 Responding to Plagiarism 826 1
by ep2002
Thief making $$$ off my content JBacchi Responding to Plagiarism 2,580 8
by JBacchi
Percentage of copied text prepay Copyscape Users 605 0
by prepay
Why is batch search so limited? InsidePeru Copyscape Users 519 0
by InsidePeru
Problem in using Copyscape Premium yogindernath Copyscape Users 966 2
by yogindernath
A Full website scan siliwolf Copyscape Users 1,195 5
by siliwolf

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