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How to check my file? silveraden 1,878 9
How copyscape Works? urekait 227 3
by daryl_jones4256
What constitutes plagiarism? erromy 1,149 5
by Spelsidorna
Essay About Plagiarism KarenTimber 158 1
by kit
нужен совет markova 823 1
by Ruson
Could I be charged by those publishing sites as "PLAGIARIST" for duplicating my own works and publishing them to my own blog site? pruelpo 795 0
by pruelpo
Percentage of text ep2002 833 1
by ep2002
Thief making $$$ off my content JBacchi 2,583 8
by ep2002
I've found my article copied word for word on someone's blog as their own, what can I do? JohnDomzalski 1,599 6
by Samfred
Duplicating my entire page - I get de-indexed welshy 1,079 2
by welshy
1 2
fancyfoulards 1,887 16
by mangostreet
This man keeps plagiarizing from sites and books LauraD 1,058 0
by LauraD
Plagiarism on a different scale! ian 919 0
by ian
preventing cut and paste Jolavon 2,646 7
by prahafx
I can remove your stolen content from any site guaranteed: dmcacom 2,153 11
by malevolence
Using article software? saiful 1,727 7
by kitschulte
Copyright query Prabhudesai 1,771 3
by WilliamK
How does one determine an offenders web host? onlinemarketing 1,031 3
by uggur
Simon & Schuster buys plagiarized book! LauraD 873 1
by stapel
When is plagiarism? yupina 1,169 3
by stapel
What is it exactly? AngelinaC 919 1
by stapel
algorithm of text check DannyOcean 928 2
by chizroll
Just not right tracy 1,373 2
by dawebdev
Shameless bill 3,415 10
by carfanatic01
Is it that bad? HenryG 1,052 5
by carfanatic01
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